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Free Shipping on orders of $150 and up!!
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About us: History of Kripp's Kreations

Kripp's Kreations 4th Annual Makers Expo Floresville, TX
We create handmade wood furniture and scroll art. Most of our furniture is custom made for your needs. We became involved in the craft business in October of 1990. Our focus from the beginning has been to create unique products that will last, while focusing on what the customer wants and exceeding their expectations. In fact, our name came from a client who marveled at the “Wooden Wonder” that had been created for her. We are family owned and operated. We treat our customers as part of the family. Wooden Wonders moved with its founder from Texas to Virginia back to Texas and then to Tennessee in 2005. There, Donnie joined Don in the business. In 2009 Donnie moved backed to Texas and assumed the name “Kripp’s Kreations” for his branch of the business. In late 2011, Don rejoined Donnie back in Texas putting the father and son team back together once again.
Our Mission...
Provide our customers with a quality product at an affordable price while producing an heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation.
Our Staff...
Don Krippendorf has been involved in just about every phase of construction and woodworking for over 50 years. He started making fine crafts and furniture in 1990. He is the backbone of the company, insisting that no short cuts are to ever be taken. "If you are going to do it you, you might as well do it right."

Donnie Krippendorf has grown up around the construction industry. He got started in making furniture after becoming frustrated with "fall apart press board stuff". After finding the woodshop while stationed overseas, he decided he could just make it himself. He continues the art of producing fine crafts and furniture under the exacting standards and tutelage of his father.
Audrey Krippendorf has been involved with the business since 2009, however, she has always been the behind the scenes support for her husband and father in law. She has a degree in Business Management and utilizes it to help grow the business and keep the Artists on schedule. She runs the day to day operations of our business.Donnie and Audrey Rio Plaza Open House
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